Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello Buzznet members. I have not been on here in forever it seems! I always update my other blog, but fail to update this place. I will return from now on and update you with how my life is going.
If you wish to check out my blog that I write on it is located at: or
I update both sites so it really doesn't matter. I really am in love with Tumblr though yet I like my original blog, Blogspot. So I hope you check it out.
Well, I'm heading to bed. Sweet dreams everyone and I hope you guys had fun Trick-or-Treating or even going to a few parties. I know I did! ;-) I had to work. Lol. It was fun though being there with friends. I must say. Good night Buzznet!
Back for the taking photo 1
Back for the taking photo 2

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